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92岁,她告诉我,要学会去爱,去分享,去做自己,她还告诉我,她明年还要出版一本关于73年婚姻的书籍,她说,尽管她丈夫98,她93,“I am still in love”.

Magda Herzberger I was an eyewitness to the Holocaust. What is the meaning of life? I ask myself after all my experiences. 我是大屠杀的目击者

在诸多经历之后,我问自己“生命的意义是什么?”The meaning of life is to live life fully... to love, to share, to be.生命的意义就是——尽情地去生活,去爱,去分享,去做

Biography: 传记A poet, lecturer, composer and author of eight published books, Magda Herzberger is one of the few remaining survivors of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis upon the Jewish people during World War II. Against all odds, she survived three death camps: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bremen, and Bergen-Belsen. Magda Herzberger女士是一位诗人、演讲家、作曲家和八本出版书籍的作者



Magda was born in 1926 in the city of Cluj, Romania. An only child, she was raised by her loving parents in the heart of Romania. There she lived a happy childhood surrounded by many young cousins, and enjoying family get-togethers with handmade ice cream and freshly roasted corn-on-the-cob. Magda在1926年出生于罗马尼亚的克鲁日城




But Magdas world was shattered when Adolph Hitlers troops occupied her native city in 1944. Being of Jewish faith, she and her family were deported on cattle cars to the German concentration camps.但是,1944年,阿道夫-希特勒的部队占领了她的城市,从此Magda的世界变得支离破碎


Magda has spent the last 43 years writing and speaking about how the Nazis almost murdered her entire family and finally left her to die in a pile of dead bodies at Bergen-Belsen. It was her physical stamina combined with her tenacious spirit and faith in God that helped her to survive the most unimaginable horrors. Magdas mother also survived, passing away in 1994 at the age of 93. 在过去的43年中,Magda笔耕不辍,到处演讲,诉说着纳粹是如何谋杀她的全家,最终让她几乎死于贝尔森集中营的一对尸体当中



Magda is a remarkable poet and author with a forty-nine year writing career, drawing on her thoughts about life, faith, hope, love, her feelings as a Holocaust survivor, and a variety of other subjects. Behind each of her poems there is a story to be told and experienced. Magda是一名杰出的诗人和作家,笔耕49年,描绘着她关于生命、信仰、希望、爱和她作为大屠杀幸存者等一系列主题的感悟


She is also the author of eight published books: Survival, her autobiography, The Waltz of the Shadows, Second Edition (an autobiography in poetry form), If You Truly Love Me (a collection of love poems dedicated to her husband), Devotional Poetry, a series of poems and prayers, Dreamworld, a collection of short stories about her dreams of the Holocaust, Tales of the Magic Forest, childrens fairy tales,Transcript of Magda Herzberger 1980 Interview, a series of transcripts and interviews, including a CD, of Magdas life before, during and after the Holocaust, and Midnight Musings, her most recent book, a compilation of poems with fantasy, musings, nature, and spiritual devotion. 她也是八本著作的作者:《幸存》 《她的自传》 《影子的华尔兹》《诗集版自传》 《如果你真的爱我》(为她的丈夫写的爱情诗)《宗教诗集》 《短诗和祷告系列》 《梦想世界》 《大屠杀梦靥短篇故事集》 《神秘森林故事》儿童故事,Madga Herzberger1980年采访录、一系列的手稿和采访,包括一张关于Magda在大屠杀前中后的CD,午夜沉思,以及她最近的书,一本关于美妙、沉思、自然和虔诚的诗集

Magdas astounding autobiography Survival was published in 2005 by 1st World Library, Inc. of Austin Texas. Two additional manuscripts: How to Survive during Hard Times and Depression and Survival in the Holocaust, are currently being completed.More than 300 of Magdas poems have been published in anthologies, poetry journals, newspapers, and websites. Thirty-seven pages of her memoirs are featured in Sisters in Sorrow: Voices of Care in the Holocaust, a compilation of memoirs of women survivors of the Holocaust, edited by Roger A. Ritvo and Diane M. Plotkin, and published by Texas A&M University Press in 1998.Magda的惊人自传《幸存》于2005年出版于德克萨斯州奥斯汀世界图书馆




本书于1998年,由Roger A.Ritvo和Diane M. Plotkin编辑,德州农工大学出版

Songs of Life (a book of poetry on a variety of subjects.) and Eyewitness to Holocaust (an autobiographical essay consisting of prose and poetry about the Holocaust) are two of Magdas other publications.Magda的另外两本著作是: 《生命的颂歌》(一本关于各种主题的诗集)和《大屠杀的目击者》(一本关于大屠杀的散文诗歌自传体合集)

For the past 43 years, Magda has been lecturing about the Holocaust and reading her poetry in schools, universities, church organizations, nursing homes, literary organizations, and various civic groups. She has been interviewed by several newspapers, as well as many TV and radio programs. 在过去的43年期间,Magda行走于学校、大学、宗教组织、养老院、文学组织和各种民间组织,讲诉她的大屠杀经历,朗诵她的诗歌


Being an eyewitness to the Holocaust, Magda was invited by Shoah Survivors of the Holocaust Visual History Foundation, which is sponsored by Mr. Steven Spielberg, to give her testimony as a survivor. Her interview took place at her home in Fountain Hills, Arizona on November 17, 1995, and was conducted by Mrs. Louise Bobrow, interviewer for the Foundation. Magda received the videotapes of her interview accompanied by a personal message from Spielberg himself. It demonstrated Spielbergs personal interest in each survivors testimony. Magda also has been a contributor to the Shoah Foundations quarterly newsletter, Past Forward (1996-1998). 作为大屠杀的目击者,Magda受“大屠杀幸存者可视化历史协会”邀请,代表幸存者发表证词


在1995年11月17日她在她亚利桑那州Fountain Hills的家中接受采访

采访由协会的Louise Bobrow女士主持



Magda也是大屠杀协会的季度新闻编辑——”Past Forward” (1996-1998). Magda has also written numerous musical compositions. Among them is "Requiem", dedicated to the memory of all the victims of the Holocaust (composed 祖灵芝清斑霜for baritone solo, soprano solo, and choral and piano accompaniment). It has been performed and televised numerous times over the years. Magda也撰写了大量的音乐作品



Magda is a former marathon runner, skier, and mountain climber. She resides in Fountain Hills, Arizona, together with her husband, Eugene Herzberger, M.D., a retired neurosurgeon. They are the proud parents of a daughter, a son, two grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Magda 也是一名曾经的马拉松运动员、滑雪运动员、登山者

她和她的丈夫Eugene Herzberger,一名神经外科博士医生,现居住于亚利桑那州的Fountain Hills


Magdas philosophy on life includes the following ideals: Have faith, hope, and love in your heart... Believe in impossible dreams and make them come true... Cherish each moment of life... and NEVER take anything for granted. Her primary goals are to instill love for poetry in the hearts of people through her work, to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive through the presentations of her experiences in the Nazi death camps, and to show the beauty of life through her writings and music. Magda的生活哲学有以下思想:心中怀有信仰、希望和爱,相信看似不可能的梦想并实现他们,珍惜生命的每一刻,永远不愿想当然


1."Magda Herzberger is an extraordinary woman whose eloquent testimony in her book "Survival" to her ordeal as a victim and witness to the holocaust has captured the hearts and minds of so many. I truly believe that what she is accomplishing today through her writing and speaking will allow people for generations to come to understand the nature of the cruelty that she and so many others endured, as well as the critical need for forgiveness, faith, and hope in our lives."--James P. Moore Jr., Professor at Georgetown Universityand former Assistant Secretary of Commerceand author of "One Nation Under God. The History of Prayer in America" 2."With her most recent book, "Midnight Musings" being the twelfth contribution from this prolific author, Magda Herzberger again impresses upon us not only the horrors she experienced as a survivor of the Holocaust that occurred seventy years ago, but more importantly the life lessons of hope, love, faith and trust in God by which she has tried to live these many years. Her purpose in writing is to continually keep us aware of how inhumane human beings can be when allowing free flow to their basest inclinations while simultaneously reminding us all that a Divine Being knows and loves us and is willing to forgive when we are truly sorry for straying away. In continuing to write, Magda also pays tribute to the memory of her loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. In "Midnight Musings" the reader catches a glimpse of the inner spiritual longings of a soul who has experienced the gamut of human emotions while at the same time teaching the all important lesson of how to handle them. Magda is also an accomplished musician. Her love for music finds expression in all that she does. As Magda personally explains in her book "Midnight Musings", poetry is music of the written word. Whimsical illustrations interspersed throughout the book are created by Magdas daughter, Monica, giving atmosphere to the musical message. The book ends with a personal composition by Magda. This book of poems is a gift to society in that it can be picked up at any moment with any part to inspire us with its message. Magdas music expressed in poetry again reminds us of the power within us to overcome adversity no matter what shape or time in which it happens to come into our daily lives."--Evelyn H. Vondran - September 16, 2013 3."The tears I left on pages 342 and 352 are not yet dry as I reflect upon the bold words of the back cover. "Write, Jewish Children!". Your parents are not only remembered, but honored each time someone has the privelege of reading your "Survival". I was given your book by a mutual friend of ours, Brad Fregger. He gave me your book to read as an example of the best storytelling skill hes seen... and now I know why. The story he is encouraging me to write pales in comparison to any value I might have compared to your incredible journey. I am far too overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions at the moment to adequately share with you my thoughts and the lessons I gained by being allowed to walk by your side through your captivity. Perhaps after I have had time to reflect I may find the words of gratitude you deserve. Until that time, thank you for the spiritual renewal you gave to me through your gift of the pen. You are amazing!--Lynda G. Cleveland, PhDThe University of Texas at Austin 4."I gave your book to be read by a borrower who is also a Holocaust survivor. This person has read all the Holocaust survivor books in the Library. Today she came in to tell me how much your story affected her. Her experiences are nearly identical to yours except that she came from the Lodz Ghetto and had typhus at liberation. She was overcome with emotion as she spoke to me. She said you were very accurate with your descriptions of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. In her opinion it is one of the best books she has read on the Holocaust. She moved me to tears as she spoke about some of her experiences. Although I have known her for a number of years this was the first time she spoke to me about them. She was very grateful that I had asked her to read this book."-- Leonie Fleiszig Director of the Makor Jewish Community Library in Caulfield [Melbourne], Australia 5."Thank you very much for the copy of your book "Survival" which I received recently. I began to look through it when it arrived, thinking that I would read it in depth at a later time, but I found myself unable to put it down. It is extremely courageous of you to record your experiences of one of historys darkest periods, and I am sure that anyone who reads your book will not fail to be moved."-- Melinda Aderson, Research Assistant, Holocaust Exhibition and Crimes Against Humanity, Imperial War Museum, London, UK 6."I just completed reading your book Survival and was totally amazed with your strength, courage, tanacity, endurance and life. It was obvious to me that God was with you and I want to thank you for showing me His miracles during this terrible time in your life."-- Irene Wells, RN, Ret. 7. "God bless you. I just finished reading Survival. Thank you for having the incredible strength to survive and keeping the truth about this horrible time in history alive. Thank your for doing your part to keep it alive with your writings and lectures. This recent book is so well written, important and informative. Thank you. You are amazing."-- Daniel Rubin 8."Your book Survival has helped me significantly and I thank you so much for sharing such a painful part of your life in that way. Your philosophy of life: have faith, hope and love in your heart - believe in impossible dreams and make them come true - cherish each moment of life - never take anything for granted is truly profound. It has deeply affected me."-- Renata Gelb 9."I have been so blessed to read your stories and constantly reminded myself during the excruciating details of the mercy of God that brought you... through to be a witness... of the brutality of misguided men/women. You were also a witness... of the truth that God never leaves us or forsakes us. It is not always easy to read anothers account of torture and brutality, but I feel it is important to keep the stories going because the history of this injustice must not be repeated and it was a real event that man will one day answer for with his Maker. Life is not "fair" but god does restore what the evil one meant for evil in our lives and I see that He has in your life, too. Thank you for writing and I know it took so much courage to do so. God bless you always..."-- Barb Munneke 10."... your story was the most moving, touching, most powerful thing I have ever read. Ive learned about the holocaust throughout my school years, but had no idea just how brutal it was until I read your story. All the pain and suffering you went through makes my every day life look so simple! I am grateful you wrote your story to tell and show the world what the holocaust was really like. You are so inspiring to me because you were so brave. You said no to suicide, unlike many of your fellow prisoners. You also were so brave to relive your terrifying journey just to tell the world your story! I wept every night when I read your story... I felt so lucky to be alive and have all that I do have. thanks again for being so courageous. You are a wonderful person and my role model!"-- Amanda 11."I just read your book Survival. You did a stellar job fighting for your life and keeping your relationship with God strong. I am sorry to hear about all the pain you have endured in your life, but it teaches me so much about love of life and forgiveness. I always have a hard time with that one! ...know that you have touched a life!"-- Kathiann Fisher 12."Meeting you Magda was the biggest honor that I have experienced in my life... I think it is absolutely wonderful that you take the time to educate our young minds, and keep the Holocaust memories alive. If you (we as a society, nation, world) dont who will? I also want to tell you, Magda, you inspire me. I now have one more person to add to my list of heroes. One more person I can look up to when Im in need of hope. A person who withstood the trials and tribulations of a torn homeland, a blind nation, a sadistic regime bent on genocide... I thank you from the bottom of my heart; Magda you will never know how much you mean to me... Even though you and I have only met once it was the one time which left me empowered... Thank you for such a wonderful experience..."-- James Johnson 92岁的奶奶,纳粹集中营的幸存者,她来给我们讲述自己的亲身经历

生死,爱,信仰,peace,尊重,她还开玩笑说她98岁的丈夫有个年轻的妻子,she is only 93 years old. 她当着我的面说了一段话,激情澎拜,注入我的眼睛,摄人心魄

她说要”put yourself in the shoe of others”, 她说要“you never know if you don’t try it “, 她说要“ put yourself into it if you set your mind”, 11.21日是她的结婚72周年纪念日, 52岁,她开始第一个马拉松比赛, 各种探险,92岁的老人,站着讲了三个小时的人生, 台下有笑,有泪,有沉默更有思考.----------------------个人感想


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